You could enjoy a better later life with equity release

We're here to help you decide if equity release is the most suitable option for you through bespoke, honest and supportive equity release advice

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The equity release adviser that's here for you

At Modern Lending Advisers, our purpose is to help you decide if equity release is the most suitable option for your circumstances by giving you expert advice.

We only offer and advise on Standard life Home Finance lifetime mortgages, which provide modern lending features and competitive fixed rates of interest.

We spend time getting to know you so we can deliver the right advice and recommend an equity release plan that's tailored to your unique wants, needs and circumstances.

However, we know equity release isn't for everyone, which is why we'll ensure you consider your other financial options in later life, such as downsizing or other forms of borrowing, before recommending a plan. And if we don't think equity release is right for you, we'll always be upfront, honest and tell you so.

There's no obligation to proceed after meeting with your adviser. The appointments are simply to help you make the right decision; whether that's choosing to release equity from your home or not. And you only pay the fixed £599 advice fee if you decide to go ahead with a plan. So you can find out if equity release is the right option for you without it costing anything.

What is equity release?

Equity release is a way for homeowners aged 55 and over to use some of the money that's tied up in the value of their home to live a better later life.

By taking how much your property is worth and subtracting any outstanding mortgage or secured loans, that's how much equity you have available.

So, whether it's to make home improvements, take a trip of a lifetime, or support those closest to you with a financial gift; whatever the reason, equity release could help you enjoy the later life you want and deserve.

There are two types of equity release: 

  • A lifetime mortgage, which is a loan secured against your home and lets you access some of the tax-free funds tied in the value of your home while still retaining full ownership

  • Home reversion, where you sell all or part of your home to a reversion company for less than market value

Because we're always upfront and honest, we want to tell you

All our expert equity release advice is based on honesty and trust, which is why we tell you all the facts so you can make an informed decision in your own time.

Modern Lending Advisers offer lifetime mortgages only, available from Standard Life Home Finance.

Benefits and potential drawbacks of a lifetime mortgage

If you're considering a lifetime mortgage, it's important you understand the product in detail.


  • You can unlock cash from your home, tax-free, to help meet your needs in later life

  • You’ll always retain full ownership of your home and can stay in it for as long as you wish with a lifetime mortgage

  • You can choose to make reduced or no monthly repayments to suit your circumstances

  • You’ll never owe more than your home’s worth with a lifetime mortgage

  • You may be able to remortgage your plan in the future to release further funds or secure a better interest rate, although this isn’t guaranteed and may be subject to early repayment charges

Potential drawbacks

  • A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home and subject to compound interest, meaning the amount you owe can grow quickly

  • Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and may affect your entitlement to means-tested benefits

  • Equity release may leave you with limited or no property equity remaining

  • Equity release will reduce your financial options in the future

  • A lifetime mortgage is a long-term financial product and is not designed to be fully repaid until the death or entry into long-term care of the last remaining borrower, otherwise early repayment charges may apply

Other options

Before going ahead, your equity release adviser will discuss your alternative options:

  • Home reversion

  • Retirement interest-only mortgage

  • Later life residential mortgage

  • Interest-payment lifetime mortgage

  • Downsizing

  • Unsecured lending

  • Using existing assets

  • Support from friends or family 


Equity release costs

Knowing the costs associated with equity release and how to help manage them is important. Here are some helpful guides to give you a better understanding:

Things to consider

  • All equity release advice relates to Standard Life Home Finance Horizon lifetime mortgages only – a loan secured against your home

  • Unless you decide to go ahead, our service is completely free of charge, as our fixed equity release advice fee of £599 is only payable on completion of a plan